Updates in the 10-27-2018 Production Release

In this production release (October 27), the Developer Keys Management and Scoping feature option has been enabled for all institutions, which allows admins to create and manage API tokens created for third-party tools.

For students, the List View Dashboard displays a summary for course events, and course links within the Grades menu direct to the Grades page instead of the home page. Additionally, in the Card View and Recent Activity Dashboard sidebars and the Course Home Page sidebar, the Coming Up section has been removed for students. In both the dashboards and sidebars, the Pages icon has been updated.

Other updates are also available in various APIs and documentation.

Production release notes also include fixed bugs.

View the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-10-27)

New Features

Updated Features

Other Updates

Fixed Bug

For a complete list of fixed bugs in this release, see Fixed Bugs