3/2/2018 – Canvas Enrollment Restoration Update

As of 2:10PM Friday, Mar. 2nd CIRT is continuing to manually restore enrollments in Canvas non term-based courses.  During this time you may receive an email from UNF Canvas announcing you are invited to a course, accept the invite to complete the enrollment.

Enrollments that are, and were, managed by Banner have been restored, but any users enrolled into the course manually may still need to be re-enrolled. For instructions on how to add a user please read, How do I add users to a course?

The majority of the GROUP and Faculty SANDBOX course enrollments have been restored, and we are in the process of manually identifying, and fixing, any remaining courses. If you are missing any courses or are missing enrollments in any of your courses, please contact CIRT, cirtlab@unf.edu or 620-3927.

-LMS Team