4/24/2017 – Import/Export Slowness

Starting at 10:30AM Canvas reported jobs related to Canvas imports and exports are backed up, for some users. They are investigating the cause and will provide updates every 30 minutes.  Canvas’ last update from 1:48PM announced a fix they implemented that will improve the time it takes for grade and […]

3/13/2017 – Canvas Issues

At 12:30PM Canvas announced services are coming back online and they will announce once they are confident there are no longer any issues. At 11:59AM Canvas announced they are working on a solution that may be in place within 25 minutes. At 11:23AM Canvas announced they are continuing to investigate […]

2/10/2017 – SafeAssign Unavailable

At 3:10PM, Feb. 10th CIRT began receiving reports that SafeAssign is unavailable in Blackboard.  When an instructor clicks the SafeAssign tool link they are redirected back to the Blackboard homepage.  ITS has been informed of the problem and is investigating.  We will post updates as we receive them. -LMS Team