UNF Alerts in Canvas

When an emergency situation arises Public Relations has the ability to send out a campus wide alert using the UNF Alert system. The UNF Alert system pushes the alert to myWings, our UNF homepage, UNF Mobile, and Canvas.  If you are in Canvas when an alert is sent out, or you login during an active alert, the alert message will appear in a banner at the top of your Canvas screen.


Once the emergency has passed the alert will be removed, or updated with any necessary followup information.

Alert Severity and Banner Color

The color of the banner indicates the severity of the emergency and will match the color of the alerts that show in the myWings page as well as the UNF homepage.

  • Level 3 is an Informational Alert, and shows on a light blue background with black text.
  • Level 2 is an Important Alert, and shows on a light yellow background with black text.
  • Level 1 is a Critical Alert, and shows on a dark red background with white and bolded text, which is what you see in Canvas Test right now.

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