Student Enrollment

Students are added to Canvas course automatically. If you discover that students are not being added properly or enrollments are missing, please contact CIRT at

For information on enrolling TA’s, designers, or observers click here.

All changes to a student’s enrollment status has to be done in the SIS.  Any changes made to a student’s enrollment status in a course will be undone during the evening master enrollment update.  This includes setting a student to Inactive or concluding the course for an individual student.

Note: Instructors should not manually add or remove students in a course. Adding or removing students can cause issues with course enrollments later.

Student Enrollment Status

  • Students who withdraw from a course are set to inactive and are still accessible for instructors to view activity and grade information.
  • Inactive students cannot access the course and do not receive course notifications.
  • Students who are dropped due to no payment are removed from the course, but will be re-enrolled once fulfilling financial obligations.

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