Respondus allows instructors to create exams offline in a familiar Windows environment and the software provides many time-saving tools, such as the ability to import existing exams from word processor files or from publisher test banks.

With Respondus, instructors may perform the following tasks:

  • Import exam questions from Word or text documents
  • Retrieve exams/pools from Canvas
  • Import questions from publisher test banks
  • Upload exams/pools to Canvas
  • Save an exam as a Word document

Respondus Quick Start Guide: click here

Respondus Demo Movies: click here

Interested in using Respondus ? UNF has a campus license of both Respondus and StudyMate and the software is also available in the CIRT Lab. If you have any questions or think this tool would be effective in your courses, please stop by to talk with us and see a demo.

Import exam questions from Word or text documents

Respondus allows you to import multiple choice, true-false, essay, fill in the blank, matching, and multiple answer questions from a file. The questions must be organized in a format that is acceptable to Respondus and the file must be stored in one of the following formats: plain text (.txt), rich-text (.rtf), MS Word (.doc) or tab/comma delimited (.csv) format.

  • Instructions for preparing files into a Respondus-friendly format: Click Here

Tips for Successful Importing

  • Respondus is not fond of files containing Word auto-formatting. The files will often import into Respondus incorrectly. In order to import these files successfully, try the following trick: save the file as rich-text (.rtf), then re-save as MS Word (.doc) to remove the auto-formatting.
  • If your questions contain images, import the questions in a MS Word file (.doc) as you may copy and paste the images into the text of the question.
  • Always Preview your file during the Import process. Check for error messages relating to skipped questions and missing answers. Fix these problems in your original document and attempt to import again. Error messages relating to duplicate question titles may be ignored.

Retrieve exams/pools from Canvas

Respondus allows the retrieval of exams and question pools from a Canvas course. Once the exam/pool is in Respondus, the questions may be used in other Respondus assessments, the exam/pool may be saved as a file (MS Word, rich-text, etc.) or printed to paper and the exam/pool may be uploaded to a different course/different Learning Management System.

  • Instructions for Retrieving Exams/Pools from Canvas: Click Here

Import questions from publisher test banks

Many publishers now offer test banks in a Respondus format through the Respondus Test Bank Network. If your test bank is not offered in the Respondus Format, you can reformat the questions using the instructions for getting files into a Respondus-friendly format and import the questions into Respondus.

Upload exams/pools to Canvas

The Publish to Canvas wizard is available from the Preview & Publish menu and guides a user through the steps of publishing an exam to the Canvas server. You must already have a Canvas account and password in order to use this task.

  • Instructions for uploading tests/pools from Respondus to Canvas: Click Here

Save an exam as a Word document

Respondus allows you to format and print exams/surveys directly from the software. It is also possible to save an exam to MS Word format for further enhancement and printing.

  • Instructions for Printing or Saving Exams in MS Word: Click Here

UNF has a campus license of Respondus. Stop by the CIRT Lab for a copy of a Respondus installation CD to install Respondus on your home or laptop computer. If you would like a copy of Respondus installed on your office computer, please contact your C-Tech to set up an installation.

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