How to view student activity

This article describes how to to access and run the student Access Report in a Canvas course.  This information is particularly helpful for providing last activity information and dates.  It is an improvement upon the Last Activity date/time provided in the People page as it provides all of the student’s activity in the course including number of submissions, name of content accessed, and the last time the content item was accessed by that student.

How to Access the Report

From within the course click on People from the course menu.


Once the People page has loaded locate the student and click their name.  Students who withdrew from the course will appear as inactive and all of their activity up until the date of the withdraw will be displayed.

Clicking on a students name will open up their “scorecard” on the right side of the screen.  From within the scorecard click on the student’s name.


This will open the student page which provides more information about the student and a menu on the right of the screen with actions for sending a message and running different student course reports.  Click the fourth options Access Report.


The student Access Report will open on screen.


  1. Content: Name of the content the student accessed
  2. Times Viewed: The number of times the student accessed the content
  3. Times Participated: If it is an assignment, quiz, discussion, or other assessment type than the number of times the student submitted to it is recorded here
  4. Last Viewed: The last time the student accessed the content item

This is the recommended way of determining a student’s last activity date in a course.  From this report you can provide the last content item viewed, what files were downloaded, and the last assignment the student participated in.

At this time Canvas does not provide the option to export or download the Activity Report, but it does copy and paste into Word and Excel well.  For further assistance with running or interpreting the report please contact CIRT at 620-3927 or


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