How to view student activity and grades for inactive or dropped students

Students who withdraw from a course, or are dropped by the instructor, are put in the inactive status in the corresponding Canvas course.  While in the the inactive status they will not appear in the grade book (by default), but will appear on the course roster from the People course menu link.


To view grade information for inactive students enable Show Inactive Enrollments from the grade book.  Read How do I view grades for inactive student enrollments in the Gradebook? for step-by-step instructions.

Course Activity

Follow the steps below to view the activity for inactive students in a course.

Click the People link from the course menu.


Locate the inactive student, click on their name.


The student’s Context Card will load on the right-side of the screen, click their name again.


Under More About This User, click Grades for their grade information or Access Report for a report that shows what content they accessed, the # of times they accessed it, and the last time they accessed it.


Please contact CIRT at or 904-620-3927 for assistance or if you have any additional questions.

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