How to upload files to Airdropper

Airdropper is a service available to faculty for sharing large files with CIRT for conversion, or editing.

Upload Instructions

Go to and at the login screen enter the Passphrase: cirtunf and then click the Continue button.


Click the Add Files Button and a pop-up window will come up and allow you to browse your computer for the document(s) you would like to upload.


Once you have all the files ready to upload click the Send button. A progress bar will appear and hit 100% once all of the files have been uploaded to CIRT’s Airdropper account. You will then be directed to a page that says “Thanks! CIRT has received your files.”

After you have finished submitting all of your files to CIRT please send an email to letting us know how you would like us to process the files. For example, if you submitted narrated PowerPoint presentations, then we will need to know the name of the Canvas course, and location within the course where you would like the converted presentations to be placed.

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