How to Sync Pearson MyLab & Mastering Grades to Canvas

Pearson MyLab and Mastering is available to all courses in Canvas and does not require you to add the external tool at the course level.  These instructions will guide you through the process of synchronizing MyLab and Mastering grades with your Canvas course.  Since this is a 3rd party integration, the steps may change at any time.  If you are stuck please contact CIRT at or 620-3927, or visit Pearson’s website  For hands on assistance it is recommended that you contact your Pearson rep for they are trained on all of their product offerings.

Synchronizing Grades

This article assumes you have already paired our Connect and Canvas course and setup graded assignments in your connect section.  For information on how to pair your course read…mastering-course/.  For instructions and training on how to create assignments in Connect, contact your MH representative or visit their support website.


Click the MyLab and Mastering link.  Depending on how you setup the link your course this maybe from your course navigation menu or from a module link, there is no difference either way.


From the Pearson tool page, click the Grade Sync tab at the top-left of the screen.


Check the box for the assignments you wish to synchronize (1) and than click the green Sync Grades button (2).


You will receive a success message on the same page once the synchronization has completed.


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