How to Restrict Visibility of Course (end of semester)

At the end of each semester your courses will go into a concluded status automatically.  Once courses have been concluded, students can no longer participate in a course – it is in a read-only state and will move to the Past Enrollments list.  If you need to extend the course end date to allow a student to complete missing work, you will need extend the course end date.  If you wish to hide the course from students, follow theses instructions.

Start by clicking on Settings from the Course Menu.


From the Course Details tab go to the Ends date field [1] and enter in an end date for when you no longer want students to access the course.  After selecting a date and time you must check the box below [2] for the end date to override the Term date.


Staying on the Course Details tab scroll down a little further and just below the Visibility option there is another checkbox to restrict students from viewing course after end date [3], check it.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Course Details.  The course will no longer be accessible by your students and it will no longer appear on the Course list under Past Enrollments.  If you wish to re-open your course for students, to view only, simply uncheck the boxes labeled 2 and 3 in the screenshots above.

Please contact CIRT if you would like assistance with the steps described above, or 904-620-3927.

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