How to Pair Pearson MyLab and Mastering Course

Pearson MyLab and Mastering is available to all courses in Canvas and does not require you to add the external tool at the course level.  These instructions will guide you through the process of enabling the MyLab and Mastering integration in your course, but since this is a 3rd party integration the steps may change at any time.  If you are stuck please contact CIRT at or 620-3927, or visit Pearson’s website  For hands on assistance it is recommended that you contact your Pearson rep for they are trained on all of their product offerings.

Important:  After course copying a Canvas course that was paired with a MyLab (Pearson MyLab and Mastering) course you will have to pair the new Canvas course and MyLab sections.  Course copying does not automatically do this and therefore it is not advised to pair your SANDBOX course with MyLab courses.

Pairing MyLab and Mastering and Canvas

These instructions begin with MyLab and Mastering already available in your course.  For information on how to enable MyLab in your course please read


Click the MyLab link.  Depending on how you setup the link your course this maybe from your course navigation menu or from a module link, there is no difference either way.


If this is your first time using Pearson MyLab & Mastering in your course you will receive the above window and you must click the blue Authorize button to continue.


Click the Select a MyLab and Mastering product to use with this course link.  If you have never used MyLab & Mastering in any of your Canvas courses prior to now you will be prompted to login to MyLab & Mastering’s website.  If you do not have a Pearson login you will need to set it up.  If you need assistance with the Pearson login, you will need to contact your MyLab & Mastering representative or their support.


The next step in pairing your course is to decide on using an existing Pearson section (2) or select a new one from their catalog (1).  If you have taught this course before and you simply want to reuse the prior material, click the 2 option.  If you have adopted a new book and it is a new course prep, click option 1.  For this example we will assume the Pearson section already exists (most common scenario) and we will continue with option 2.

Clicking the Select from My Existing Course List button brings up a list of all of your existing Pearson courses.  Locate the appropriate course and click it.  If you know the Pearson Course ID you can simply type it in.


At a minimum you will need to select:

  1. Course Type: If you a pairing a Canvas term course you will have to select Student-use Course for the grade sync to work.
  2. Course Name: This is the Pearson course name and does not affect your Canvas course name.
  3. Course Dates: These dates only affect when students can access the Pearson content and not your course in Canvas.

Click the blue Create Course button.


You have now successfully create a new Pearson section and paired it with your Canvas course !  It is important to note that it may take several hours for the Pearson course to be created and accessible from your Canvas course.  If it takes longer than the stated 3 hours, contact Pearson support or your rep.

Now that your courses are paired as an instructor you have more options when accesing MyLab & Mastering from your Canvas course.


From your Canvas course you can synchronize  grades , unpair the courses, or directly access your MyLab & Mastering section.  Students will not have all of these options and can only access the Connect section.

  1. From the tools page you can directly access parts of your MyLab & Mastering course.
  2. From Diagnostics you can see what MyLab & Mastering section your Canvas course is paired with and unpair the courses if necessary.
  3. From Grade Sync you can synchronize your Pearson grades to Canvas.


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