How to Grade Turnitin Assignments

This article demonstrates how to grade a Turnitin assignment in your Canvas course. If you are looking for information about the Turnitin service, please see the Turnitin article.

Click on the Assignments option in the course navigation.


Click on the assignment to be graded.


Select Speedgrader.


In Speedgrader, you will see the student’s submission. Speedgrader is not any different with the Turnitin assignment other than the inclusion of the similarity score. This means scores, feedback, and rubric grading can all be done.

To access the similarity report, simply click the percentage icon next to the file name.


For information on the Similarity report, please see How do I view a Turnitin Similarity Report as an Instructor?

Please contact CIRT if you have any questions or would like assistance with Turnitin, or 620-3927.

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