How to enable McGraw-Hill Connect

McGraw-Hill Connect is available to all courses in Canvas and does not require you to add the external tool at the course level.  These instructions will guide you through the process of enabling the MH Connection integration in your course, but since this is a 3rd party integration the steps may change at any time.  If you are stuck please contact CIRT at or 620-3927, or visit McGraw-Hill’s website  For hands on assistance it is recommended that you contact your MH rep for they are trained on all of their product offerings.

Making MH Connect Available

You have two options on how to make MH Connect available to yourself and students in your course.  The first method is to add it to the course navigation menu and they second option is to add a link in one of the course modules.  Both methods direct the user to the same MH site and there is no advantage in using one method over the other.

Course Navigation Menu

toolavail-mhcTo add McGraw-Hill Connect Deep Integration to your course navigation menu go to your course Settings (1) and clicking the Navigation tab (2).  Drag the McGraw-Hill Connect Deep Integration menu item from the bottom list into the top list (3).


After clicking the blue Submit button the link will be added to the course navigation menu.

Course Module

Starting in the Modules area of your course select the module you would like to add the link to.  You can add the link to multiple modules following the same steps and each link will direct the students to the same MH Connect section.


Click the + button at the top right of the module and the Add to Module pop up window will appear.


From the drop down menu select External Tool (1).  Scroll down the list of tools until you see McGraw-Hill Connect Deep Integration (2), click it.  You do not need to change any of the URL information but you can enter in a different name for the link if you desire.  Click the button to load in a new tab (3), and last click the blue Add Item button (4).


Be sure to publish the link, click the cloud, so your students can access it.


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