How to create a grade column in Canvas

This article describes how to manually create a grade column in the grade book that does not require student submissions.  If you are looking for the later, a grade column will automatically be added to the grade book upon creating any graded assessment in Canvas.

Manually Creating a Grade Column

From within you course click Assignments on the course menu and create a new assignment.  Most of the assignment options are left up to you to decide, but you must select No Submission for the Submission Type.


Once you have finished setting the remaining assignment options, click the Save & Publish button at the bottom right of the screen.


Now click on Grades from the course menu and locate the new grade column.  The grade column name will be the same as the Assignment Name you choose when creating the no submission assignment.

  • Students will see this in their Grade view the same as other assignments
  • No submission assignments will appear the same to students as other submission based assignments except there will be no option to upload or type any submission
  • Just as you must publish submission based assignments, you must have no submission assignments published before it will appear in the grade book

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