How to award points to a quiz question after the quiz has been attempted?

There may come a time when you need to award points for a quiz question that either had the wrong answer selected or you decided it was not a good question.  Unfortunately the process for awarding the points is not the same if the question came from a question bank as it is for questions that are not. Since the process for questions pulled from a bank can be tedious and requires going into each student’s attempt, there is an easier alternative to awarding “fudge points” to a student’s exam regardless of what questions they were presented.

Non-Question Bank

The instructions described here are for questions that were created in the quiz at the time of its setup and does not work for questions that are part of a Question Bank and added to the quiz as a Question Group.

From within the course go to Quizzes and open the quiz.  At the top-right of the screen click the Edit button and once the edit screen is open click the Questions tab.


Hover the mouse cursor over the question you want to edit and a pencil icon will appear (see above), click it. This will open up the question for editing and from here you can edit the answer.  Upon editing the answer a pop-up window will appear with Regrading Options.


After selecting how you want it to be regraded click the blue Update button.

Question Bank

Unfortunately questions that are pulled from a question bank cannot be modified the same way as described above.  For situations were the answer needs to be corrected you will still need to correct it in the question bank, but that will not regard quiz attempts.  To award points in this situation you will need to inspect each students quiz attempt manually.

Since changing the question answer will not trigger a regrade you will need to add fudge points to the quiz attempt. See Canvas’ help article below for instructions on how to add fudge points to a quiz attempt. If you only want to award points to the attempts that had the question in it this will mean you have to scan each quiz attempt for that particular question, and with certain quiz options like randomized questions and pulling x# from y# of questions in a pool can make this a tedious task.  The alternative is to give every attempt fudge points regardless if they got the question or not.

How do I adjust the point value for an entire quiz using fudge points in SpeedGrader?

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