How to Adjust Course Dates for Part of Term Courses

As part of a course import, you can adjust the due dates associated with course events and assignments. This convenient method only requires you to know the start date for both previous and upcoming terms.  It is very important the correct start dates are entered or else all of the dates in the new course will be shifted incorrectly and there is no simple way to undo the dates.  For your convenience a table of start dates is provided at the end of this article.

For information on the entire process for copying a Canvas course go here,  If you were brought here by following the link in Step 3 then lets begin.

1. After selecting the content to copy click the checkbox next to Adjust events and due dates. This will open up additional options to shift the dates in the course.


2. The only dates that need to be modified are the Beginning dates, leave the Ending dates blank and ignore the Substitution option.


3. Using the screenshot above as a guide [1] is the start date of term you are copying the course from and [2] is the start date of the term you are copying the course into.  For example if you were copying a 2016 Fall Term 1 course into a 2016 Fall Term 2 course it will look like this.


If you are unsure of which dates to enter see the Term Table below.

4. Selecting the dates is the last step of this process and if you came here from the How do I copy a course in Canvas? article you can now return to it and pick up at Step 3.  Otherwise click the blue Import button [3] and Canvas will begin copying your course.

Term Table

2016 Fall Term 1 August 22, 2016
2016 Fall Term 2 October 17, 2016
2017 Spring Term 1 January 9, 2017
2017 Spring Term 2 March 6, 2017
2017 Summer Term 1 May 10, 2017

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