How Quiz Auto-submitting Works

There are two Quiz conditions which will result in a student’s Quiz auto-submitting before they have completed it.  The first condition is when a timer was set on the quiz and the student runs out of time.  The second condition is when a Until date (availability end date) is set and the student is still taking the quiz when that date/time passes.  In either scenario the student is informed of the impending submission while taking the quiz.

Impending Until Date Example

For this example assume a Quiz was setup with a timer of 30mins, a Due date, and a Until date .  The Due date is set to expire before the Until date and for the purposes of this example 5mins prior.


The student begins the Quiz at 10:18am and immediately upon viewing the first question the student will receive this pop-up,


and in the top-right corner of the screen the test timer will indicate the student has 12mins to complete the test, not the full 30mins. A few minutes later the student will receive,


indicating they have five minutes before the test is marked late. Five minutes prior to the Until date/time comes up the student will receive,


indicating the have five minutes to complete the test.  One minute prior to the Until date/time comes up the student will receive,


and in this screenshot you can observer the popup message and the quiz timer are synchronized.  Remember that test was setup with a 30min timer, but since the student waited to begin the test 12mins before the Until date they only are given the 12mins.  Ten seconds prior to the Until date/time comes up the student will receive,


which they can choose to close and continuing taking the test for however many seconds are left or click Ok, fine and submit at that moment.  Since the test was auto-submitted due to the Until date expiring the student will not be able to take any further attempts that may have been available.  If the quiz was auto-submitted due to the test time expiring, they can take their next available attempt (if setup for multiple attempts).

In the Grade book there will not be an immediate indication the test was auto-submitted it will show the score they made on their last attempt.  If the test was submitted past the due date you will see,


alerting you of the late submission.  If you want to know whether or not a quiz was auto-submitted by the system you will first need to enable Quiz Log Auditing from your course settings and bring up the student quiz attempt and click the View Log link at the top-right.  The log will show you their start time and how long they took to complete the exam.  While it does not plainly say it was auto submitted you can extrapolate that information based on when the student started the exam and when it was submitted.

For information on how to view the Quiz Log see,


To minimize the problem of students who start quizzes near the Until date we recommend to set a Due date of when you want the quizzes completed by and set the Until date to Due date + quiz timer.  This will  help reduce the number of students who start a quiz and not be given the full amount of time for quiz.

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