How do I copy a course in Canvas?

Your upcoming courses become available in Canvas the same day the course schedule is released for the particular semester.  To save time and effort it is common to copy the content from a previous course into a new course which we will discuss in this article along with a few tips.

Copying a Canvas Course

1. From the course you want to copy the content into, click on Settings from the course menu.



2. On the right side of the Course Details page click the Import Content into this Course button.



3. From the Import Content page click the drop-down menu next to Content Type and select Copy a Canvas Course.


Additional options will appear for you to select which course to copy from, what content to copy, and an option to shift the course dates.  See Canvas’s How do I adjust events and due dates in a course import? for more information on the adjusting dates option.

4. Click the Include Completed Courses option along with All Content and select the course from the drop-down menu to the right of Search for a course.


5. Click the blue Import button and the copy status will appear below.  It will initially display a queued status and a progress bar will appear once the import process has begun.  After the import is complete the status will change to Completed.


This concludes the course copy and you can begin making any changes or additional preparations for the new semester.  If you have any questions, or would like assistance, please contact CIRT at or 620-3927.

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