How cross-listing works and what happens when de-cross-listing a course?

In Canvas you are permitted to combined course sections by cross-listing them.  For more information on how to cross-list courses read, Cross-Listing and De-Cross-Listing Courses.

How Cross-Listing Works

The cross-listing functionality works by moving the course enrollment information, both student and instructor, from one course section into another thus allowing multiple course sections to use the same Canvas course.

What Happens When De-Cross-Listing Sections

When you de-cross-list a section from a combined course the enrollment is immediately added back to its original course shell.  This means any content, student activity, and grades that were in the course before it was cross-listed will be available.  This does not mean that any content, student activity, and grades from the combined section will be “copied” into it.  Furthermore any activity and grades from the removed section will no longer be available in the combined course, but will return if the section is re-cross-listed.

Important Information

  • When a course is cross-listed into another it will no longer appear on your Course list.
  • When a section is de-cross-listed from a combined course it will appear in your Course list as it was before the cross-list occurred.
  • No content, student activity, or grades ever goes away when cross-listing or de-cross-listing courses.  If any information is no longer available due to cross-listing or de-cross-listing simply doing the opposite function will restore access to the information.
  • To combine sections you must be in the course you want to add to the other course to.  This becomes important to remember if you setup the course content in only one section for it will be the one the others are cross-listed to.
  • When a course is cross-listed with another, you will no longer be able to access that course and only the combined course.
  • When a section is de-cross-listed from a combined course it will restore the original course it was cross-listed from.  This means any content and activity that was in the course prior to being cross-listed will be available, but none of the content or activity that was in the combined course will be.
  • If you are teaching more than one section of the same course, all of your sections will automatically be cross-listed and for these to be de-cross-listed you will need to contact CIRT.  Courses that are combined by the system require administrative access to de-cross-list.
  • Before being able to cross-list a course you will need to be an instructor in the course you want to add it to.

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