External User Access

Sometimes users without a current UNF affiliation need access to Canvas. Examples of these users might include guest instructors or members of UNF community partner programs that need access to instructional resources. External user accounts should not be used to provide access to UNF’s Canvas courses to non-registered students.

The faculty member who requests the external user account is, in effect, acting as a sponsor for the external user account and will be responsible for communicating with that individual about their account. External  users must agree to comply with the University’s regulations, policies, requirements and all applicable state and federal statutes while accessing UNF’s LMS and maintain the privacy of student data in accordance with federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and any regulations, policies and requirements UNF has established or may establish regarding access and maintenance of student records.

You can grant external users access to your Canvas course from the UNF External Users tool in Canvas.  This tool allows instructors to grant temporary (180 day) access for non-UNF users using Google or Microsoft accounts.

  • Access is temporary and expiration is mandatory. 180 days maximum, but access can be extended
  • If an account expires and is later renewed, the account will have to be re-enrolled in prior courses and course activity will be restored at that time
  • This tool uses Google and Microsoft authentication. If the user does not have an email account with either service, instructions are included in the documentation on how they can register to these services
  • These accounts are not intended to be used as test student accounts; instead it is recommend to use the Student View feature for testing


Granting External User Access: covers how to enable the tool and request an account

Extending External User Access: explains how to extend an external user’s access

Canvas External User Access: this document contains instructions on how to login to UNF Canvas from an external account, share this with the account recipient


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