Embedded Video is Shareable

Video uploaded to Canvas, either through Files or the Record/Upload Media option, is not secured behind Canvas’s login and can be shared publicly as described below.

  1. Embed a video in a Canvas course as instructed in Canvas’s article, How do I embed a video in a page in my course?
  2. Once the page is published go to it and begin playing the embedded video
  3. Right click on the video and the following drop-down menu appearsvideo-right-click
  4. Selecting the Copy Video option copies that information to your computer’s clipboard which can be pasted into another page, an email, or anywhere inside or outside of Canvas, and anyone who can access the link can access the video without having to login to Canvas.  Links that are copied from this method expire after 24hrs and the video will no longer be accessible from it.  The video will continue to work in the course for users who are logged into Canvas.

If you need to secure your video content in your course contact CIRT at 904-620-3927 or cirtlab@unf.edu

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