Do new Announcements send an email to students?

The short answer is Yes, but all Canvas users have the option to disable this functionality from their user profile settings.  When an instructor creates a new announcement in their course Canvas sends out an Announcement notification event and, depending on the user’s notification settings, students enrolled in the course may or may not receive an email.

How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an instructor?

How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student?

Important Information

  • By default all user accounts are set to receive an email for new Announcements
  • Notification setting changes are global and will affect how you receive notifications from all courses
  • As an instructor, in Notification Preferences, you must enable Announcement Created By You to receive an email for announcements you create

Conversations and Announcements

Copying and pasting the content of the announcement into a new Conversation message, and sending it to your students, will help ensure it is read.  Just like Announcements students will receive an email notification for new Conversations sent to them.  In addition to an email the student’s Canvas “Inbox” icon will display a new message indicator in their global navigation icons.


Read How do I send a message to all course users in Conversations as an instructor? for step-by-step instructions on messaging your entire course.

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