Courses Missing on Dashboard View

If you are missing courses on your Dashboard view or your Courses lists (on the Global Navigation Menu) it maybe due to one of theses reasons.

  • The Dashboard and Course Menu display a maximum of 12 courses, by default.
    • You can view all of your courses at anytime by clicking the link to view all courses form your Course menu.
    • If you want more than 12 courses to appear on your dashboard you will need to favorite all of the courses you wish to have on your course Dashboard.  Favoriting courses ignores the default rule of 12 courses and your Dashboard will display all favorited courses.
  • Your Dashboard will attempt to display all the courses you are enrolled in, up to certain number(see above), but if you favorite one course than your dashboard will no longer display your non-favorited courses.
    • The work around is to go to your full course list and favorite all of the courses you want available on your Dashboard.

Read How do I Customize my Course List? for information on favoriting courses and organizing your Dashboard.

After trying the suggestions above, and your courses still do not appear, contact CIRT at or 904-620-3927.


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