Canvas Storage Limits

In Canvas where you upload a file will determine which storage quota will apply for that upload.  The maximum course size limit for all courses is set to 1024MB (1GB), but you can extend that limit by uploading media files to a different storage area.  Below is table with the different storage quotas and additional helpful information.

Course Files 1024MB Accessed from within course, more
Media Unlimited Only pertains to video and audio files embedded in a course using the Record/Upload Media button, more
Account Files 50MB Accessed from your Canvas profile, more (says student but applies to everyone)
Group Files 50MB Accessed from student groups within course, more


  • When you attempt to upload a file that will push the course over its limit, you will receive an error message indicating that the file exceeds the file quota.
  • User and Group quotas are not linked to course quotas or to each other.
  • Users with a faculty role still have the same personal file quota as any other role.
  • If a student adds a file to a group site, it will only count towards the group’s quota.
  • Attachments to an ungraded group discussion will only count towards the student’s quota.
  • Submissions/Attachments to graded assignments/discussions will not count towards any quota.

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