Canvas GROUP Courses

A GROUP course is a course used by an individual faculty or staff member for an academic purpose that does not align with the course schedule. Communication with majors and student clubs are two common uses. GROUP courses have the same functionality as term-based courses, but are not automatically concluded or deleted and the requester of the GROUP course is enrolled in the course upon creation.

In Canvas, GROUP courses are set up to be managed by self-enrollment. The course instructor shares a self-enroll link with students, either by email or by posting on a public website. That link allows UNF users to self- enroll in the course, see Self-enrollment for Major Group Courses in Canvas article if your GROUP’s enrollment will be an entire major or program in Banner. Instructors can also manually add or remove users from the course.

How to Request a GROUP Course

To request a GROUP course simply call or email CIRT ( or x3927) with the following information:

  • Course Name: What do you want the GROUP course to be called
  • Instructors: List of instructors to add to the GROUP
  • Enrollment Type *: Manual, Self-Enrollment link, enrollment package **
  • Purpose: What will the GROUP course be used for, we simply ask this to ensure this is the best solution for your need

*  see, Course Invite (enrolling users)
**  A Canvas GROUP cannot have both the auto enrollment package and self-enroll enabled.  Due to a SIS “master” update that runs in the evening any self-enrolled students will be removed from the course.

You can expect your request to be fulfilled within 2 to 3 business days.

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