Assistance with Changing Canvas Grades

CIRT has established guidelines for assisting faculty with Canvas grade changes in order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of grade information.

  • CIRT will make requested grade changes while meeting with an instructor so that both parties can confirm the correct changes were made; this can be in-person or by phone.
  • If emailed CIRT can:
    • Identify student attempts that would require a grade change based on criteria provided by the instructor.
    • Verify grade changes made by the instructor.
    • Request to set up a time to speak with the instructor to make the changes together.

While we try to accommodate all faculty requests, we cannot contact students to verify grades, solicit grade information, or explain grades.

If you would like assistance with your Canvas grades, contact CIRT’s Online Learning Support Team (OLS Team)

Phone: 620-3927


Schedule a one-on-one Canvas consultation today at

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