Self-enrollment for Major GROUP Courses in Canvas

Program directors can send the GROUP course self-enroll link to their majors from myWings. First, identify your target population by following Steps 1-8 below.

  1. Log into myWings
  2. From the Staff tab, go to Employee Self-Service
  3. Go to UNF Administrative Applications
  4. Go to SIS Reports
  5. Go to Report by Curriculum: Student
  6. Select College, Level, Program, and Degree and Major if applicable
  7. Select Population: Active Students
  8. Click Submit Query
  9. Click Send an email message to the students.
  10. Type or paste (we recommend composing your email message, including the self-enrollment link to your course in advance) a message about the course and how to enroll into the text box. See Sample Email below.
  11. Click Send Email

GROUP instructors can also download a list of students from this screen and use that to send an email from Outlook, but that requires a few extra steps. Contact us if you need assistance with that method.

Sample Email Message
Photonic Science majors Canvas GROUP course

Photonic Science majors,

Our program has a Canvas GROUP course set up to share information with you about scholarships, important policies, certification testing, and other pertinent content. You must add yourself to the course by clicking this link:

After adding yourself to the course, you will see it show up on your Dashboard in Canvas and will receive some notifications. If you change majors and need to leave the course, you can do so by following these directions.


Dr. Photon, Program Director

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