Updates in the 7-15-2017 Production Release

In this production release (July 15), assignments and pages can be duplicated in Canvas courses, and new courses default to the Modules Course Home Page layout. Observers can be invited to participate in course conferences with all course members or individually. And the Rich Content Editor sidebar enhancements that exist in Pages and the Syllabus display in all feature areas of Canvas, including Quizzes.

Significant update to the Canvas User Interface, please see Canvas Font Size Update and Canvas Icon Update. For more information and view the full release notes below for a complete list of changes.

 View the Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-07-15)

New Features

  • Courses: Assignment Duplication, Pages Duplication

Canvas Font Size Update

The base font size in Canvas has been increased from 14px to 16px. This change improves accessibility and text legibility, and all other font sizes have been increased accordingly. Please note that some Canvas areas with multiple text components may still display smaller font sizes. Instructure designers are still adjusting CSS for these areas and will update them in future releases.

Canvas Icon Update

The icons throughout Canvas have been updated with a new Instructure-owned icon library. All new Instructure icons default as line vs solid icons. Some Canvas areas may display inconsistent icons, and Instructure designers will update these icons in the next release.

Updated Features

  • Conferences: Observer Invitations
  • Course Home Page: Modules Course Home Page Default
  • Rich Content Editor: Sidebar Enhancements

Other Updates

  • Courses: Content Export Expiration Clarification