Updates in the 2-3-2018 Production Release

In this production release (February 17), in courses, new assignments no longer include an option to display grades via GPA scale, and individually graded group assignments include clarified options for sending student and instructor comments. The People page includes a field to record the date a student last attended a course.

The Conversations Inbox and Compose Message windows display a new autocomplete menu to select courses and groups. Small interface changes have been made in the New Scheduler appointment group editing window, Modules page, and the Terms of Use pages.
Production release notes also include fixed bugs.

View the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-02-17)

Updated Features

  • Assignments: GPA Scale Grading Type Removal, Individually Graded Group Assignment Comment Options
  • Conversations: Autocomplete Courses Menu
  • Courses: Course Home Page Student View Button
  • Global Announcements: Trust Account Domain Restrictions
  • New Gradebook: Entered Grades Calculation Value
  • People: Last Attended Date

Other Updates

  • Canvas Interface: Scheduler Design Updates, Modules Files Download Icon Update, Terms of Use Terminology Update