Updates in the 1-6-2018 Production Release

In this production release (January 6), when a submission is graded in SpeedGrader, rubrics support excess points above the maximum point value for each criterion.

In the Rich Content Editor, the Accessibility Checker includes a minor design update and a new content contrast rule. The Rich Content Editor Whitelist supports the Audio Controls element, and the Content Selector Images tab includes an alt text field and decorative image checkbox when uploading new images to course files.

The student Grades page menus have been updated for improved accessibility, and concluded courses display in the Courses menu as long as the course has not been restricted from being viewed after the course end date.

Production release notes also include fixed bugs.

 View the View the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-01-06)

Updated Features

Fixed Bug

For a complete list of fixed bugs in this release, see Fixed Bugs