Instructor Live Proctoring in LockDown Browser

Important Note: Instructor Live Proctoring in LockDown Browser is NOT Respondus Monitor. Respondus Monitor is licensed strictly for use with the Florida Civic Literacy examination and is not authorized for use with any other course. However, any course that uses LockDown Browser MAY enable Instructor Live Proctoring. Instructors can contact […]

Honorlock for Online Proctoring

Honorlock is available to be used with Distance Learning (DL) courses. Instructors of DL courses who wish to use Honorlock for proctoring can email to submit a request to have Honorlock installed in their courses. Instructors using Honorlock can refer to the Honorlock Information for Instructors webpage for additional […]

Limited Section Privileges in Combined Canvas Shells

Important Note: The term “cross-listing” refers to courses that are coupled on the UNF Schedule. The term “combined” refers to sections that appear in the same Canvas shell though not cross-listed on the schedule. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational […]

Combining Canvas Course Sections (Using the Canvas Cross-Listing Tool)

In Canvas, instructors are permitted to combine course sections using the cross-listing tool.  For more information on how to combine Canvas courses, including information on cross-listing and student privacy (FERPA), read Limited Section Privileges in Combined Canvas Shells. Instructors who wish to have sections combined for them should reach out to How Course […]