New Gradebook

The new gradebook is now available in Canvas. The new gradebook tool is optional and there will be no changes to the way your currently grade if you choose not to enable it in your course. While it is available to turn on in your Spring courses, it is strongly recommended to NOT enable the New Gradebook in the middle of a semester.


  • Enhanced Grade Entry: Enter grades as points, percentages, or letter values.
  • View Filters: New filter options allow you to only display assignments in a particular module, by type, or due date.
  • Missing and Late Submission Policies: Auto deduct points based on how late an assignment is or for no submission.
  • Grade Detail Tray: Consolidated grade information similar to the Student Context Cards
  • Enhanced User Interface:
    • Gradebook Crosshairs: Highlights the row and column of the cell you are modifing.
    • Submission Status Colors: Customize the cell color for different submission statuses.

Additional Information: