Fall 2016 Term-based Canvas Courses to be Deleted in May 2022

Term-based courses created in UNF’s Canvas LMS are retained for five years after the end of the term in which the course section was offered. Once the retention period passes, the term-based course is deleted during the next intersession, including all content and records of student activity.  

Additionally, user account and associated data will be deleted from Canvas only after the user is no longer an active faculty, student, or staff and the user is no longer associated with any term-based courses in Canvas. This change provides instructors and academic departments with access to records of instructional activity for the full 5-year retention period for all semesters from Fall 2021 forward. 

Fall 2016 courses will be deleted during the May 2022 intercession. Questions about the Canvas Data and Account Retention Policies can be directed to cirtlab@unf.edu