With the 2017 launch of the UNF Canvas Knowledge Base we expect this site to receive thousands of hits every year. CIRT uses the knowledge base to capture solutions to problems and provide up-to date information to faculty.

UNF Canvas Knowledge Base
The UNF Canvas Knowledge Base is the online documentation site for UNF instructors. Knowledge base articles are  specific to UNF policies and procedures. Articles are continually updated online.

LMS News
The best way to stay informed about any current Canvas issues and other system news is the LMS News site. CIRT recommends you bookmark and use this resource to stay up to date. You’ll also find an option to follow by email; signing up for that subscription will allow you receive an email each time a new item is posted.

Questions or Comments?
If you have a question or comment about the UNF Canvas Knowledge Base feel free to send us an email at cirtlab@unf.edu.