How to setup Office Mix

This article describes in the details the process for setting up Office Mix on your computer.  While you will only have one Office Mix account the Office Mix software needs to be installed on any computer you wish to access it from.   Before starting the software install please read the following:

  • Office Mix is Windows only and not compatible with Mac
  • You must have Microsoft Office installed
  • You will need either a Google, Microsoft, or Facebook account to login to your Office Mix account
  • You will need to have administrative rights to your computer, if this is a campus computer you can contact the ITS Help Desk at 620-HELP for assistance

The installation process is broken into three parts:

Installing Office Mix

This part of the setup process requires you to have administrative rights to the computer you are installing Office Mix on.

To begin click, or paste into your browser, You will be taken to the Office Mix website where you can download the software by clicking either of the two orange Get Office Mix buttons.


You will be directed to a welcome screen which requires you to login with either your Microsoft, Facebook, or Google account (UNF does not have a school account).


After logging in you will be taken to the download page where you download should begin automatically.  Click the Save File button to begin your download.


From your download folder double-click on the OfficeMix.Setup.exe file to begin the installation. Your computer may warn you about the file, click Run. Next the license terms screen will appear and after reading the license agreement click Install.


Depending on your computer setup you  may presented with a popup asking if you want this program to make changes to this computer, click Yes. The installer will begin installing Office Mix on your computer.  You will receive a success message once the installer has completed.


If you receive this message continue to Requesting a Consumer Key and Shared Secret

Possible Install Error

During the install you may receive the following error:


If you do receive this error you will need to click Close and following these additional steps:

  1. Click and download the Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.
  2. Once the download has finished run the setup file
  3. A window will appear requesting your to accept the terms of use, click accept to begin the installation and from this point the install is quick
  4. A window will appear when the installation is complete, click Finish
  5. If you still have any of the Office Mix setup windows, or error message, open you will need to close them and launch the Office Mix installer to resume setup

Requesting a Consumer Key and Shared Secret

From your web browser go to which will take you to the Integrating Office Mix using LTI page.  Click the blue Register an LMS button.


The Register your LMS course screen will come up and you will need to:

  1. Provide a name (can be anything)
  2. Check the box allowing Office Mix to send your data to Canavs
  3. Click the blue Save button

Next the Settings page will appear and you will need to save the following information in either a Notepad or Word file.  You will only need to enter it in your course once, but it is helpful to keep on hand if you need to setup Office Mix in another course.


With the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Launch URL you are now ready to for the last step and that is adding the Office Mix LTI in your Canvas course.

Setting up the Office Mix LTI in your Canvas course

Before proceeding with the LTI setup you must already have a Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Lanuch URL.  If you do not have one, see the instructions above.

From within the canvas course you want to install the LTI, click Settings from the Course Menu.


The course Settings page will load.  At the top of the page click the App tab and Under External Apps locate the Office Mix app, click it.


The Office Mix app description will load, click the blue + Add App button.



The Add App window will appear.


  1. Name: Office Mix
  2. Copy the Consumer Key you acquired earlier
  3. Copy the Shared Secrete you acquired earlier

It is important that Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Luanch URL are entered here exactly how they were given to you when requested.  Be sure no white space was added before or after any of these items.  Once ready, click the blue Submit button.


You will receive a message informing you the app was added successful.  You Canvas course is now ready for Office Mix content.

Please contact CIRT at 620-3927 or if you would like assistance with the Office Mix setup.


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