How to Publish a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation with OneDrive

This article describes the process for publishing a narrated PowerPoint presentation to your Canvas course using a Microsoft account (this can be a Live, Hotmail, MSN, or any MS account) and OneDrive.

To begin go to and click Sign In at the top-right of the screen. If you do not have a Microsoft account click the Sign up for free button in the middle of the page. Creating a new MS account is as easy as creating a new Google account and takes just a few minutes.


Upon successfully signing into your account you will be taken to your Files in OneDrive. You can upload files by clicking the Upload button (top of page) or simply dragging the files from your computer onto the page. As files are added to your OneDrive account they appear on this page and clicking on the preview image will open the file.


There is also an option to create files directly in OneDrive by clicking New at the top of the page and selecting the type of file you want to create. After making your selecting the version of the MS Office product will open in-browser and you can create new Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and more. This is an added convenience if you are accessing your OneDrive account from a computer that does not have MS Office installed. It is important to note the online version of PowerPoint does not support the creation of narrated presentations.


Once your narrated PowerPoint is uploaded to OneDrive, click it. The presentation will open in PowerPoint Online in the Read View (presentation may begin to play). At the top right of the screen click the three dots … to open the dropdown menu. Click the Embed option.


The Embed widow will appear.


The three areas of interest in the Embed window are:

  1. Dimensions: select an embed size (option for full screen viewing is available during playback), we recommend 722 x 565 for Canvas
  2. Embed Code: the code to copy into your Canvas course
  3. Close: to close the Embed window

It is now time to switch to your Canvas course. If you are not already at the location in the course you want to make the narrated PowerPoint available to your students, follow these steps.

  1. login to Canvas
  2. Go into the course you want to add the narrated PowerPoint
  3. Locate where in the course you want to add the narrated PowerPoint, for this example I have created a new Page accessible from Modules

Regardless of where you are adding the embedded PowerPoint switch to the Edit mode and put your cursor in the content area you want the PowerPoint to appear.

For the example I will be embedding the PowerPoint in a bullet point list.  At the top of the content editor select the Insert/edit media button and switch to the Embed tab with the Insert/edit media window opens.


Go back to the Embed window in your OneDrive account and to copy the presentation Embed code. Select the all of the code in the Embed Code window (Ctrl + a or Command + a) and copy it (Ctrl + c or Command + c).

Switch back to Canvas and paste it (Ctrl + v or Command + v) into the Ebmed code area [1] and click the blue Ok button [2].

The narrated PowerPoint is now embedded in your course for students to view.  Be sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen to finish.


For assistance with any part of this process (including setting up a Microsoft account) please contact CIRT at 620-3927 or

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