Do new Announcements send an email to students?

The short answer is Yes, but all Canvas users have the option to disable this functionality from their user profile settings.  When an instructor creates a new announcement in their course Canvas sends out an Announcement notification event and, depending on the user’s notification settings, students enrolled in the course […]

New Canvas DocViewer

On June 20th, 2017, Canvas will replace the Crocodoc document previewer in SpeedGrader with their own native tool Canvas DocViewer.  Canvas has assured its community that the transition will be seamless and documents already rendered and/or annotated using Crocodoc will be available for you to view as normal in the […]

5/31/2017 – Blackboard Retirement

At 11:59PM Wednesday, May 31st Blackboard will be retired, and all courses that were in it will be gone.  CIRT has been working with faculty on migrating courses from Blackboard to Canvas since last summer, but after the shutdown CIRT will no longer be able to migrate any courses.  The […]

How to setup Office Mix

IMPORTANT: Office Mix Service is being phased out by Microsoft January 1, 2018: You’ll no longer be able to sign up as a new user or download the Office Mix add-in from the website. Existing users who already have the Mix add-in installed will still be able to use it […]

How do I direct submit a paper to VeriCite?

VeriCite does not have a built in direct submit feature, but you can use the Student View tool as a way to submit a paper to any VeriCite assignment.  Reasons for wanting to direct submit a paper to VeriCite include; running an originality report for yourself (as an instructor) or […]