How to create a grade column in Canvas

This article describes how to manually create a grade column in the grade book that does not require student submissions.  If you are looking for the later, a grade column will automatically be added to the grade book upon creating any graded assessment in Canvas. Manually Creating a Grade Column […]

How to Create a Narrated Presentation with Keynote

This article describes the process for creating a narrated presentation in Keynote with the intent to save the presentation as a movie to add to a Canvas course. Before starting this process, please read the following: To record audio, you will need a microphone attached to your computer. UNF faculty […]

Clearing a Quiz or Assignment attempt

At this time Canvas does not provide the means for an instructor to clear a student’s Quiz or Assignment attempt. Workaround: For quizzes you can give the student another attempt, Once I publish a quiz, how can I give my students extra attempts?, as for Assignment they are not limited […]

Incorrect Course Dates – Non English Language Courses

If your course language is changed from English to Spanish, French, and other non-English languages the calendar date picker will no longer work properly.  This means when selecting availability dates for assignments, quizzes, and discussion or setting a posting date for an Announcement the date you select from the calendar […]