Assistance with Changing Canvas Grades

CIRT has established guidelines for assisting faculty with Canvas grade changes in order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of grade information. CIRT will make requested grade changes while meeting with an instructor so that both parties can confirm the correct changes were made; this can be in-person or by […]

Options for Recording/Viewing Attendance in Canvas

This article describes four methods for recording attendance in Canvas.  If keeping attendance in your course is not necessary, but you are interested in viewing a students’ participation/activity in a course, see How to view student activity. Attendance (Roll Call) No Submit Assignment Method Rubric Method Excel method   Recording […]

How to view student activity

This article describes how to to access and run the student Access Report in a Canvas course.  This information is particularly helpful for providing last activity information and dates.  It is an improvement upon the Last Activity date/time provided in the People page as it provides all of the student’s […]

How to upload files to Airdropper

Airdropper is a service available to faculty for sharing large files with CIRT for conversion, or editing. Upload Instructions Go to and at the login screen enter the Passphrase: cirtunf and then click the Continue button. Click the Add Files Button and a pop-up window will come up and allow you […]