Canvas Storage Limits

In Canvas where you upload a file will determine which storage quota will apply for that upload.  The maximum course size limit for all courses is set to 1024MB (1GB), but you can extend that limit by uploading media files to a different storage area.  Below is table with the […]

Canvas GROUP Courses

A GROUP course is a course used by an individual faculty or staff member for an academic purpose that does not align with the course schedule. Communication with majors and student clubs are two common uses. GROUP courses have the same functionality as term-based courses, but are not automatically concluded […]

How to Use External Apps (LTIs)

This article discusses the different ways you can access External Apps in your Canvas course.  Not all apps are accessed the same way and where and how you add/access them in your course will vary greatly.  Viewing the App Placements, see How to View Available External Apps, is a good […]

How to View Available External Apps

Using Canvas External Apps (sometimes called LTI tools), instructors can easily add new features to Canvas courses. Canvas apps can be added to an individual course, or to all the courses in an institution. Once an app is installed in Canvas, instructors can link to the app from course modules, […]

How to Request an External App

The process for integrating a non-whitelisted External App in Canvas starts with a request to the LMS Team. All apps require an ITS security review and some may also involve a contractual agreement with a vendor. Please send requests to whitelist an app to  In the request provide the […]

Canvas Commons Groups

Commons Groups are a subset of users within Canvas that can be used to jointly manage or limit access to Commons content.  Similar to GROUP courses in Canvas, Commons groups cannot be created by most users and a request must be submitted to CIRT Lab.  Once the group has been […]

UNF Alerts in Canvas

When an emergency situation arises Public Relations has the ability to send out a campus wide alert using the UNF Alert system. The UNF Alert system pushes the alert to myWings, our UNF homepage, UNF Mobile, and Canvas.  If you are in Canvas when an alert is sent out, or […]